Who told that you were naked

Who told that you were naked


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God is still asking the same question. Rigor mortis has set into today’s organized religion and there seems to be little understanding of the ramifications!
Although Adam and Eve ran quickly to hide themselves when they realized they were naked, the Church remains exposed to evil that replaces commitment to the Creator.

Victor Schlatter is a nuclear scientist turned linguist, turned church planter, and prolific writer. his passion and clarity on the issues at hand are strikingly refreshing and stand out as solutions that work.

In Who Told You That You Were Naked? the author uncovers the naked truth about issues in which the Church should be fully engaged. You will gain a new understanding and be challenged to action concerning

Media Bias
 Organized Religion
 Political Correctness
 New World Order

From the Garden of Eden to ancient Greece and Jerusalem, past 9-11 America to our post-modern world, Victor Schlatter presents a biblically-sound look at the serpent’s continued deception.
Sometimes humorously, but always right-on Victor addresses serious issues that bring a sense of perspective and historical relevance never before considered.
A powerful and timely book!.

This is a must-read for the serious Bible student as well as the rest of us interested in what the Bible has to say about the world today.

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