Shofar lamb 55-59 cm AA8 Made in Israel
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Shofar lamb 55-59 cm AA8 Made in Israel


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an ancient musical horn typically made of a ram’s horn, used for Jewish religious purposes (Holidays),such as at Rosh hashanah,Yom kippur,e.t.c. There are many reasons why we blow the shofar on the Rosh hashanah,for example:The shofar was blown at Mt. Sinai when the Torah was given. On Rosh Hashanah,we blow the shofar as a reminder to rededicate ourselves to Torah study—and to remind God of our original commitment and sincerity.In addition,the shofar reminds us of the voice of the prophets, who like the blast of the shofar called upon us to correct our ways, follow God’s commandments, and act properly with others.Likewise,The shofar’s cry reminds us of the cries and tears shed for the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, galvanizing us to bring Moshiach and hasten the rebuilding of the Temple.The shofar has a great meaningful deep meaning behind its blow.55-59 cm long,with a deep ancient sound.

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