Rosary small 36 CM (143011)

Rosary small 36 CM (143011)

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A medium Finger Rosary.It is a lovely item, that is made out of olive wood and some kind of metal. It includes a shape of a cross with Jesus crucified on it, and beads that create a type of a Rosary, to put on your fingers. A small hand made mezuzah case. According to halakha, the mezuzah should be placed on the right side of the door or doorpost, in the upper third of the doorpost. The origin of the idea of using mezuzah is taken from the bible, from the passover story,when the jewish people marked their doors with the blood of a lamb. The unique hand crafted design with the beautiful shades and grains of the naturally air dried olive wood from the Galilee in the Holy Land, an outstanding quality of product.

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