Pomegranate Capsules
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Pomegranate Capsules

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Designed for people that take pomegranate seed oil and want to expand their use of pomegranate fruit for health purposes, people that suffer from heart problems, high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, chronic arthritis, hemorrhoids, and bleeding from the digestive system. The product supplements the pomegranate seed oil, together with providing optimal protection and complete utilization of the pomegranate’s health properties.

The capsules are produced from pomegranate’s extracts, the peel, and juice of the fruit, and they have the same medicinal properties as the pomegranate fruit but are better absorbed by the digestive system. The efficient absorption also contributes to the skeletal system and helps to alleviate the inflammation of the joints and cartilage. Highly effective during times of the year when pomegranates are not in season. Very rich in iron, and increases blood hemoglobin levels.


60 capsules

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