Smooth skin kit

Smooth skin kit


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A kit that contains 4 different products, each one has its own benefits and effects for your skin & body.

Hand cream: This unique hand cream is non-oily and rich in the miraculous minerals and waters of the Dead Sea. Edom Hand Cream soothes, relaxes and revitalizes dry, chafed skin. It’s quickly absorbed – just a dab will do, making the skin delightfully smooth and protected against dryness.

Mineral Body Lotion: A mild, nourishing, non-greasy lotion, rich in Dead Sea minerals. Rapidly absorbed, it preserves the skin’s natural moisture level, while leaving it silky smooth, soft and refreshed. Pleasant, delicate, long-lasting fragrance. Excellent after a shower or after a treatment with Dead Sea salts or mud. Protects every type of skin against dehydration and environmental hazards.

Foot Renewal Cream : Enriched with Dead Sea minerals, vitamins, and essential oils (including avocado and grape seed oils) to stimulate, revitalize and soften the skin. Soothes and relaxes dry, chafed skin. Keeps your feet feeling soft and smooth. Excellent also for dry elbows.

Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts: Enjoy a remarkably revitalizing experience with mineral-rich bath salts from the Dead Sea.
The Dead Sea Bath Salts are known worldwide for their exceptionally invigorating, beautifying and purifying properties. The minerals relax tired muscles, relieve stress and tension, while smoothing the skin, keeping it soft, refreshed and rejuvenated.

In case of heart conditions or hypertension, consult your physician before use.


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