How Kids Lived in Bible Days
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How Kids Lived in Bible Days



The life in Biblical times from a child’s point of view and is meant to be read by adults with and to children. It has original craft ideas in every chapter for families to enjoy together. It features 12 fascinating and carefully researched chapters, geared especially to Christian children from age 5 up. It has been written for people who love the Bible and who want to share its life-changing stories with family, church and your Bible school. Each chapter has three sections that shed light on different aspects of life in the times of the Bible – as seen through children’s eyes. The chapter opens with a relevant fictional story or ancient legend, beautifully illustrated and designed for adults to read together with their children. The second section reveals how its subject is reflected in Bible verses and stories, as well as in places in the Holy Land, archaeological finds, and information gleaned from some of the world’s finest biblical scholars. Finally, each chapter’s special message is brought home with original ideas for Bible-based crafts and games that will provide many hours of fulfilling fun together.

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It comes with the Holy land Satellite Map

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