Genetically modified prophecies

Genetically modified prophecies


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Whatever happened to the promise?

…the one God made to Abraham that his descendants would be innumerable and what does that have to do with the rest of us today? As the world we once knew quickly unravels and the prophetic interpretations we once presumed credible crumble before our eyes, it s time to awaken to the possibility that the big-name visionaries of yesteryear may have zeroed in from the wrong angle. They told us as much as they saw, but after 1948, 1967, 9-11, and the current global disintegration, we see much more. Could it be that all those Abrahamic descendants are hiding in plain sight? Could it be that the Almighty was right after all? Genetically Modified Prophecies holds the key to understanding this prophetic predicament!

“Redemption is rooted in the Abrahamic Covenant. In Genetically Modified Prophecies you will find a whole new universe of ideas concerning how the Creator God will reveal the actual genealogy of the redeemed when all is said and done.”
–Dr. Robert Stearns, Executive Director, Eagles Wings

“Victor s background in nuclear science, linguistics, Bible translation and extensive exposure to people groups worldwide, more than qualifies him for this task.”
–Bruce Garbutt, Australian Director ICEJ

“Using his unique wit and thorough research, Victor takes us on a literary journey around the globe with one thought in mind, He has put eternity in their hearts. A thought provoking work and a joy from cover to cover.”
–Gary Cristofaro, Sr. Pastor, First Assembly of God, Melbourne, FL

“It is evident that much prophecy has come to pass, with even much more about to happen. Whatever you take from this book, keep your eyes on Abba.”
–Nick Vujicic, evangelist, founder & President,

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