Age-Defying kit- All in one
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Age-Defying kit- All in one

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A collagen kit which contains three different unique products:

Age-Defying Day Cream: Give your skin a great start to every day with this luxurious day cream. Its powerful formula includes a unique blend of restorative Dead Sea minerals, as well as hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin combat aging by retaining its natural proteins and moisture. This cream is enriched with marine hydrolyzed collagen, which reinforces your skin’s naturally produced collagen to leave it supple, smoother and healthier than before. It also encourages enhanced collagen protection, allowing your skin to fill out and remove visible aging signs such as wrinkles. Lightly fragranced and deeply nourishing, this moisturizing cream is the perfect way to start your day.

Age-Defying Night Cream: When you’re sleeping, your body repairs itself so that you’ll wake up feeling stronger and prepared for the day ahead. Your face works hard: the delicate skin is attacked from the inside by your emotions (think puffy eyes or worry lines) and from without by the weather. Help it rejuvenate with this luscious, creamy night cream. Its rich formula includes Dead Sea minerals for nourishment, hyaluronic acid for enhanced moisture retention and protection from the environment, and marine hydrolyzed collagen, a natural element that improves and enhances your skin’s natural elasticity and repairs the visible signs of aging. You’ll wake up looking youthful and ready to take on the world!

Age-Defying Face Cerum: Face serum is a nutrient-packed product that feeds your skin everything it needs while simultaneously preparing it to absorb and lock in moisture. This brilliant serum combines ultra- moisturizing Dead Sea minerals with nourishing hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that helps your skin retain moisture and combat aging. It’s also enriched with natural collagen extracted from marine plants which mirrors your skin’s own protein. Essential for elasticity and a youthful appearance, it encourages the skin’s natural collagen production while improving its appearance by promoting plumping. This serum offers a fantastic and effortless way to improve your skin’s tone and hydration.

Directions for use: Apply to clean skin twice a day in a gentle, circular motion. For best results, follow with day or night cream.

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