Black Mud / Mineral / Anti Acne soaps

Black Mud / Mineral / Anti Acne soaps


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Dead Sea cleansing bar, rich in minerals and contains approx. 25% black mud. Contains only natural vegetable ingredients with no animal fats. Can be used both for face (oily skin) and for the body. The deep cleansing action of this health & beauty soap, leaves your skin fresh and revitalized. Biodegradable. To complete treatment, it is recommended to apply mineral moisturizing cream after cleaning the face with the soap or body lotion when used for the body. Directions for use: Use the soap on the entire body, for shower, bath or washing hands. Rinse after use. Suitable for daily family use. When used for acne, leave on face for up to one minute and rinse.

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Black Mud, Mineral, Anti Acne


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