CAUDALIE Pomegranate Wine 750 ml

CAUDALIE Pomegranate Wine 750 ml

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This outstanding new pomegranate liqueur was made with care,intent and patience. It is characterized by deep bold flavors and by a long-lingering aroma in the mouth, which pleasantly and warmly fills the taste buds and redefines the wine term ” caudaile”. The method: The liqueur is produced by implementing over 200 years of knowlage,technology, and experience with manufacturing Marsala wines from Marsala port region in Sicily.The blend: A dry pomegranate liqueur, pomegranate juice that was concentrated over a fire,and pomgegranate brandy. After aging for 10 years under the open skies, the liqueur acquries exquisite and complex characteristics of tree sap,hints of dark rum,complex caramel flavors with characteristics of the pomegranate fruit.

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